Who is this Homo-Sapien?

M.Adil Ozturk is from Istanbul, Turkey, currently residing in Philadelphia, PA. He received his BFA in Visual Design/Arts at FMV. Isik University and his MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts.   While there, he had chance to work with diverse faculty members who allowed him to comprehend the advanced scope of philosophy, art and art practice. His works speak of and are deeply connected to contemporary political and social issues happening in the world.

Adil uses his graphic design, printing, and painting background to express personal and intellectual experiences throughout his life.  His primary focus is to create work about social dynamics that expose underlying reasons, consequences, and contradictions in today’s society. By sharing his perspective, aesthetically, about various dynamics, he invites the public to investigate them as well. (Simultaneously, he attempts to understand these dynamisms as much as he can.)